15 countries 27 cities in 78 days

I stopped writing blogs because I wanted everything to be perfect, but perfection can be time consuming, as well as stressful. Going forward, I would like to avoid that stressful route, yet still produce quality blogs and stories for my readers. I mean isn’t life about constantly learning from your mistakes? People create blogs because it’s a great way to express themselves and a great way for readers to get a special insight into that writer’s mind. I want to share my experience and connect with you all, so that you to may feel as though you were with me on each and every journey. By the time, you finished reading my blog, you’ll be inspired to book your next trip.

I do apologize for not writing as frequently, as I said I would. Going forward, I’m going to aim for at least one blog per week. Okay enough of that, you did not click my blog to hear this, you came here to find the answers on “HOW THE HECK ARE YOU ABLE TO TRAVEL SO MUCH HULDA?!”

I’ve just spent the past 78 days traveling around Europe! So many of y’all have so many questions. This blog post, along with the next few blog posts will try to answer most of the following questions:

  • How could you afford this?
  • Do you have a job?
  • How did you budget?
  • How were you able to make the time?
  • Why did you choose this place?
  • What motivated you to visit your chosen destinations?
  • When is a great time to travel to certain places?

YOU WANT ANSWERS RIGHT NOW????? Okay, okay, relax I get it! I used to have all those questions too! Sometimes in life you have to just go all out and learn on your own, especially when it comes to something that you absolutely love. If you’re truly passionate about traveling, then I guarantee that you will find a way. A way as in sell your car, quit your job, or to even bringing your significant other and children along. I have met many people on my trips that made some or all of these sacrifices. I also made friends who would do just about anything to venture out.

For instance:




That hashtag is totally my life Brit! I’ve done some crazy things to save money like take 15-hour bus rides or stay at dingy hostels, BUT TRAVEL IS LIFE, and it was worth it! My friend Britt is truly an inspiration; she has been traveling for the past 5 years, and is headed to New Zealand next! I definitely want to be like her when I grow up!! If you have the chance, please check out her blog (link at the bottom of the page).

I KNOW that people have bills to pay, but you were NOT placed on this earth to “work, work, work, work, work…”(insert Rihanna voice). You need some time off, you need to live a little, and you need some YOU time. Did you just hear what I just said: “YOU NEED SOME YOU TIME!” You’re a hard worker and you deserve a break! “You is smart, you is kind, you is tired, you is in need of a vacation.” Everyone needs a break and it’s okay!!! I’m going to try my best to inspire 100 individuals to get a passport and leave their bubble, even for a week every single year!

All right, I think it’s time for me to answer some of your questions:


How did you travel for such a long time, and still work?

I don’t have a job, but I am currently seeking a part-time or full-time REMOTE job. A remote job would allow me to do my job on my laptop, so if I want to work on the beach then, voilà, I could work from the beaches of Haiti to the beaches of Senegal.


Since you don’t have a job, how can you afford to travel for such a long period of time?

While I was working in China, as an English teacher, I also tutored on the side. I would save about 85% of my salary and use the other 15% plus my tutor money for food, entertainment, bills back home, and other random spending! I also knew well in advance that I wanted to travel around Europe for about three months. I bought my one-way ticket to Warsaw, Poland flying out of John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK- New York) for $324.80, five months in advance. Depending on the season that you are planning to travel, you can find extremely cheap flights for around $200. If you are booking a flight during high travel season, then expect for your flight to be more on the pricey side. When I was ready to venture back to the states, I was able to purchase a one-way ticket to JFK from Rome, Italy for ONLY $257 (WHAT A DEAL!), because I was traveling in November. Traveling from Rome to the U.S. during this month is typically off-season and you’re very likely to find reasonable priced flights.


How do you budget?

Budgeting is really hard, but I definitely tried my hardest to do it. I would never spend more than $20 on food on a given day. If I did eat out, it would be once a day and I would eat at a decent restaurant for under 10 euros. Throughout the day I would eat a sandwich, which I got from the grocery store, and I would keep a few snacks on me. For some reason, traveling doesn’t make me hungry. Sometimes I could eat twice a day and I would be fine. Obviously, not healthy! (#ButdidIdiethough) Some days I would spend a lot more than 20, but other days I didn’t spend that much. BALANCE! You don’t have to eat at a 5 star restaurant to enjoy a decent meal. There were plenty of shops with inexpensive and really delicious meals. However, I definitely had to think about budgeting with accommodation or else I would have ended my trip two months early. I stayed in hostels, Airbnbs, and I did Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is the best thing ever!


So exactly what is Couchsurfing?

I’m pretty sure a lot of you have heard about Airbnb and hostels, but haven’t heard about “Couchsurfing”. Couchsurfing is the best thing ever and it’s an awesome experience, especially if you’re traveling solo. Couchsurfing is like Airbnb except that it’s completely free. It’s been very safe and you’re not going to stay with someone who has ZERO references or their page looks a bit sketchy. Couchsurfing is an excellent service because most of these people who are offering to help you out and let you stay on their couch for a few nights have been in the same situation as you. In my future blog post, I will definitely love to share some of my positive experiences with you. Being a solo female traveler, it’s a bit scary at first, but becoming friends with that person and getting to know them before you stay at their place could put you at ease a little. Also, there’s a reference section, so make sure to thoroughly read all the references. You may come across some sketchy characters on there, but for the most part, many listed (well the ones that I met) have pretty good intentions and are very welcoming. Couchsurfing is not about just having a free place to stay; it’s about building friendships and learning about another’s cultural and travel experiences. Even if you like staying at resorts or five star hotels, I bet you a round-trip flight that you would have better experience on a local’s couch. Hmmm…well a different experience! Couchsurfing allows you to immerse in the local community. Sometimes when you go on a trip, you could spend hours and hours planning it and doing the typical touristy things and eating at overrated and overpriced restaurants. Why not stay with someone who will help you or even sometimes show you where to go, what to do, and even to what to eat.

Traveling is just not about seeing the “top must sees” you come across on social media or magazines; it’s about getting out into unchartered territory and seeing new things. It’s also about eating different food, trying something new, and interacting with others who have a different way of life, so that we can understand one another.

Thank you for reading my blog and continue to travel with Hulda. I want to hear about your cool travel experiences and if you participated in Couchsurfing, share your experience. Please send me your stories, recommendations, travel tips for a chance to be featured in one of my upcoming blogs.

DON’T FORGET to follow me on my continuous journey around the world on Instragram (travel_with_hulda). Make sure to use the hashtag #travelwithhulda for a chance to get featured on my page. Ciao! Ciao!

important link —> http://www.couchsurfing.com




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Make sure that you follow Britt’s amazing blog —>





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    1. Yahhh thanks for reading as always!!! Your feedback always means a lot because you’re an amazing writer! Wish that I didn’t take writer’s club for granted in the past 😦 !!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great experience Hulda! I’m looking forward to hearing more about the specific locations, your experience, recommendations etc. Cheers to living your best life 🙂


    1. Awww thank you so much Shani!!!! I miss your amazing soul and beautiful voice! I hope everything is going well, I’ll see you soon!


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