One way ticket to Warsaw, Poland

I’ve been OBSESSED with Survivor lately and I was watching season 30, and on this particular season, everyone is divided into Blue collar, White collar or No Collar. A lawyer or an executive of a Fortune 500 company would go on the White collar tribe, a person who works in the post office, or a police officer or a construction worker would all go on the Blue collar tribe and a person who really doesn’t like a 9-5 or who’s more free spirited and doesn’t have a specific goal just yet would clearly go on the No collar tribe. If I was casted, would I have been a Blue collar, white collar, or no collar? Hmmmm I think that I would have been on the No collar tribe. I’m more of a free spirit who would rather work extremely hard for a short period of time and then use my excess time traveling around the world or learning something new. I think that life is too short to work a boring 9-5. I know that a 9-5 gets the bills paid, but I rather spend my money on experiences rather then on materialistic items. I love experiencing a different way of life and meeting new people. I mean that’s what life is all about! I love being spontaneous and just randomly booking a trip and not knowing anything about the country.
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A few weeks ago, I bought a plane ticket to Warsaw, Poland for September 1st with my amazing friend Renee! We are going to stay there for two weeks. We studied abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece in the Fall of 2013. That was my first time abroad by myself and luckily I didn’t feel that alone due to all the amazing people that I had met. I was so depressed when I got back to America. My study abroad experience was one of the reasons why I wanted to travel the world. But during my study abroad experience I only stayed in certain countries for a few days rather than weeks. Visiting a country for a few days is sort of okay, but it’s not particularly ideal because you want to get to know the people and you also want to get a feel for everything. So, I would say that a week or two or even a month would be GREAT. When I go to places, I kind of hate exploring the typical tourist attractions because I hate being around too much annoying tourist, especially big tourist groups! Ughhhh soo annoying! “Let me take 3648463 different pictures of the same thing and never look at those pictures again or have no idea what the history behind that picture is”! I mean I have definitely done it in the past, but now I’m like let me chill on the pictures and actually know the significant and the history behind the picture that I just took. ANYWAYS, I can’t wait to travel to Warsaw this upcoming fall, I have no idea what to expect and I’m really excited. I’m even more excited that I’ll be going with an amazing and FUNN person. #Eurouperound3
By the way, I’m also applying to a whole bunch of Grad schools in Europe. I want to eventually get my masters in Business in Germany, so hopefully I get in and I could start in the Spring of 2017. SOME Grad schools in Germany are tuition FREEE! WHO DOESN’T LOVE A FREEEE EDUCATION? I’ll go to Grad school for two years and eventually open my own business during or after. I should hopefully go from No collar to White collar in the next 2-3 years! Right now, I just want to enjoy being young and living life to the fullest. Being a CEO of a company would be awesome too because I could still travel and work from anywhere in the world!
Next Throw Back Thursday post, I definitely want to talk more about my past travel experiences. I’ll start with my study abroad experience and I’ll include helpful tips just in case anyone have a family member or friends who are interested in study abroad!!!!
Thank you so much for reading!!!

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