Application Process

My friend sent me the link of where to apply. (link below)
After I applied two days later, an agent contacted me and wanted an interview. Her main aim was to talk to me via Skype to see if she could find the perfect placement for me. At first I thought that it was the REAL interview so I was preparing and researching for it for two days straight. When we finally had our Skype interview at 6 in the morning, I was so nervous, I don’t even think that I slept that night. Our conversation was like 5 minutes and a part of me was like “ummm what the heck, that’s it? All that preparing for nothing”! But, that wasn’t it. She contacted me again about two weeks later.
She told me that she found a perfect fit for me at Dasman Bilingual School. Shockingly, that was the same school that my friend Shyanne was at! That same day she told me that I would have a REAL Skype interview with the Principal and Vice Principal. I was nervous yet again, but went back to studying my ten page notes aha. If you ever have an interview for a teaching position, always make sure that you talk about your handle on classroom management and wanting to grow as a teacher by learning from your mistakes!
The day of the interview finally came. Both the principal and vice-principal were from America. I was super nervous, yet, the entire interview went pretty well, they both were genuine. I could tell that they cared a lot about Dasman.
Fast forward a few weeks, I got offered the teaching position, but I was not 100 percent certain that I was going to go. It was a huge decision, a LIFE CHANGING DECISION! (Aha my friend Renee is prob rolling her eyes and calling me dramatic.)
I decided to finally GO FOR IT! At 26 years of age, I realize that I have to put my own happiness before anyone else. My problem is that I usually put my happiness on hold for others. I need to start listening to my gut more often and do what I want! Life is pretty short and I want to make the most of it! (site that I applied on)

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