Hulda, why CHINA?


欢迎您到博客来 Welcome to my blog!!!

My name is Hulda Destin and I’m addicted to traveling. I’ve been traveling for the past three years on and off! In that time, I have visited 19 countries, my goal is to visit 100 by 30, so hopefully I could achieve that goal in the next 5 years! Right now, I’m living in China! YESSS CHINA!!! A lot of people ask me “Hulda why China?” My answer is simply that I wanted some place new after graduating from Rutgers. I studied abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece and my experience was beyond amazing, which led me to not wanting to live and work in America. During my last semester, I honestly wasn’t stressed about finding a job or going to grad school. I tend to just go with the flow because things always seem to work out for me. And I know that there is a greater force out there guiding me and helping me to be on the right path.

I heard about a program called the Center for Teaching and Learning in China (CTLC) from one of my Facebook friends who frequently posted about her AMAZING adventures. I would often find myself stalking her page, wishing I could swap lives with her. She had a wonderful experience with CTLC. I looked more into the program, applied and was later accepted. Although I was excited and a little nervous, I did some more follow-up research and started preparing myself for a new journey. I booked my flight to Hong Kong and packed for a whole year. My family and friends thought that I was a bit crazy for going to China at first, but then they all got over it and accepted my decision.

In my mind, I thought that China was going to be sort of like Europe… NOPE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I absolutely knew nothing about China, I didn’t even bother to do research on the area that I was going to be living in, I just wanted to expect the unexpected. I spent all my research on the program and what it had to offer.

Stay tune for my future blogs to see my feelings toward China and Chinese people and also on how I adapted towards Chinese different ways….

Thank you so much for reading!!!

Check out a slideshow of my first two months in China…

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4 thoughts on “Hulda, why CHINA?

  1. Hulda, awesome blog lady!!! I’m very proud of you. I enjoy reading your take on things, and your writing style is super-vivid – just like your personality. I heard you saying these words. I think that’s a tough skill to master. You’ve done it effortlessly. Injected yourself right into the blog. I would love to read more. And I will tune in. I was on Instagram for my work on my desktop and I clicked what looks like the compass icon in the top right hand corner and you were one of the people it suggested that I follow. I was trying to sign out of my account, to sign into the work account, but I am so glad that I reached here instead. Awesome, awesome, awesome work. I’d love to be featured in one of the Tuesday postings, #foreignersdoyoulikeChina ! Mad love!!!! SLAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~TP


    1. Hey Tara!!! Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it!!! I suck at writing, so I just want to improve by continuing to write more and more everyday! And yessssss you could be featured next Tuesday or the Tuesday day after that, just send it to me via facebook or email!!!! #slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol


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